Supplier Pricing is a Beta site and will take a little while to populate with Event Suppliers and Event Hosts in all geographical areas. We are offering a Free Subscription for ONE YEAR to our Early Adopter Event Suppliers for a limited period and free access to all the site features normally available for a subscription fee.

What differentiates from other sites? We want costs to be transparent.

  • So many sites purport to be free, but when you dig a little deeper the most essential of the features lie tantalizingly out of reach until you pay a fee.

  • On some sites, a “postage stamp” profile is free and you have to upgrade your profile several times for additional cost to even feature in a supplier search.

  • Tokens or credits are commonplace. There is no real guidance as to the cost of a lead, the lead is dead if you choose to follow it and there is never quite enough in your credit bank without a further, often significant, top-up.

How will benefit my Business?

  • offers a level playing field for all supplier profiles in a Supplier Search, irrespective of the size of their business.** Every supplier is given the same opportunity to enhance their profile with photos and short video clips for no additional cost other than an annual subscription fee. All profile presentations are the same size.

  • provides a pro-active marketing medium for all Business owners. There are opportunities to further advertise your business within the site and contribute to It is your choice.

  • Advertise your products and/or services to a targeted, captive audience

  • Establish credibility via customer feedback. Apart from the reference check reviews that form your initial feedback on the only feedback will come from our Event Hosts. Feedback is displayed on every Supplier Profile.

  • Unlimited access to “qualified sales leads” specific to the area of business expertise from our registered users for no additional cost other than an annual subscription fee

  • Search for jobs via geographical area or Business genre, or receive an invite from an Event Host direct to quote for their job

  • Access to a range of tools and templates to manage your client events within the platform

  • A 100% commitment from Team MEG that you, our customer, has a rewarding experience using and you return to use the site again and again

Event Supplier Features:

  • Supplier Toolbox

  • Client Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Community

  • Create Business Profile

  • Inspirations

  • Event Work Search

  • Supplier Dashboard

  • News Desk

Future Subscription Cost:

Annual subscription of £240.00 per annum + VAT

This can be paid as one off fee or a monthly payment of £20.00 + VAT

**The one priority we give in a Supplier Search is that DBS checked suppliers will display first by default. Many events involve children and safety is paramount for the end-user, our Event Hosts. A DBS check is available and quick on, and is mandatory for any supplier working specifically with children. A check is available for any supplier on a voluntary basis if their work brings them into contact with children – Weddings are a perfect example.


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