What is myEventGenie.com?

myEventGenie.com is a web platform related specifically to the Events Industry.

The site allows individuals or companies to plan and organize their own events and match with suppliers in the business genres they need to make their event a reality.

The site is designed to offer you, the Event Supplier business, the opportunity to find new clients, relevant to your product/service provision in an environment specifically designed to reach a targeted audience.

The site has many features to upscale your profile and business exposure within the myEventGenie.com community.

What information will I require to register with myEventGenie.com

You will need to provide us with a copy of your current Public Liability Certificate including Employers Liability and 3x client references for work completed within the last 12 months. We will check your references, which will become the initial feedback on your business profile.

Once these checks are completed and found to be satisfactory, your Supplier Profile will be uploaded onto the platform.

Please Note:

(1) If you do not supply this information you cannot register as a supplier on myEventGenie.com

(2) A current Public Liability Certificate has to be in place at all times and you will receive a future reminder when your updated certificate becomes due.

Do I need a DBS Check to register with myEventGenie.com?

Security for our Event Hosts is paramount.

If your work brings you into contact with children or young persons (0-18) you will need an enhanced DBS check to register with myEventGenie.com. You can do this quickly via the site.

This is a simple online application form and you send/email certified copies of your identification to My Event Genie Limited for verification. Once we have received this you will receive a copy of your DBS Certificate usually within 48 hours. Subject to a satisfactory check your Supplier Profile will be uploaded.

What are the advantages of having a DBS Check?

The Profiles of Suppliers who have been DBS checked will always be displayed first in any Supplier Search on myEventGenie.com. Event Hosts can specify a preference for DBS checked suppliers only.

There are suppliers who may not believe they work directly with children yet their work in certain types of events brings them into contact with children e.g. a Wedding.

We would encourage suppliers to voluntarily undertake a DBS check.

Is there a charge for a DBS check?

The current cost for an enhanced DBS Check is £48.55 inc VAT and it is paid directly to our qualified partner uCheck on completion of the application form. myEventGenie.com does not profit from this transaction.

How long will it take for my Supplier Profile to be uploaded?

We aim to have your Profile uploaded within 5-7 working days provided all required information is provided to us in a timely manner and we are able to make contact with your client references.

What are the advantages of registering my business with myEventGenie.com at Beta stage?

myEventGenie.com is a new site, launching in Beta and we are looking for the early participation of suppliers in all business genres, across the UK, in exchange for a ONE YEAR FREE subscription to the site (usual price £240.00 pa + VAT).

This offer will be available for a limited period only and you will become one of the first Suppliers in your area(s) to “advertise” on the new website.

How likely is my Supplier Profile to appear in a Supplier Search?

With the exception of the DBS check provision, myEventGenie.com offers a level playing field for all supplier profiles in a Supplier Search, irrespective of the size of their business. Every supplier is given the same opportunity to enhance their Supplier Profile with photos and short video clips for no additional cost other than an annual subscription fee. All Profile presentations are the same size.

What Event categories does myEventGenie.com cover?

We have included all the planned and sometimes unplanned Events that may occur in all our lives from the beginning to end of life.

Weddings, funerals, business functions, parties, proms, even the Village Fete! Personal or business related, large or small, private or public; basically any special occasion that calls for a planning exercise around a number of people, they are all Events.

If you run a business in any supplier categories, from A-Z, you are welcome to join us.

How can myEventGenie.com help my business?

myEventGenie.com will give you access to a new, targeted audience looking for your products and services for their forthcoming celebrations.

You can search for work when our Event Hosts post their Event requirements, and you have a real opportunity to quote for this work directly. Event Hosts can search for suppliers and directly invite you to quote thus offering an added dimension for exposure of your business.

There are additional advertising opportunities to raise your business profile within the myEventGenie.com platform.

What about feedback?

Apart from the initial reviews that are generated as a result of Team MEG checking your 3x references, the only feedback you can receive on myEventGenie.com is from client’s who use your product or service via the site. Good feedback is a thank you from your client and gives added credibility to your business.

How safe is myEventGenie.com?

At myEventGenie.com security is paramount.

We have included the latest industry Internet safety features, and the platform is hosted on dedicated UK based Managed Servers for data safety and to deliver the best possible service for the site, and all its members.

We have deliberately built a site that is safe to use by anyone and this is of utmost importance to us.

Additionally, there are specific safeguards with relation to the safety of young children and young people, hence our DBS checking procedures.

Who can use myEventGenie.com?

Anyone who is planning their next special occasion can use myEventGenie.com (Note: age is subject to parental guidance for any person under the age of 18).

What does Beta mean?

Basically, myEventGenie.com is in its test phase and as with all new websites, there may still be bugs in the system that won’t become apparent until the site is in use. We thought the best people to actually test and comment on the site were those people who would ultimately use it, rather than test in a controlled “Beta” environment.

How do I become part of the myEventGenie.com community?

It’s really simple. Register your name, email address, and county of residence and create a password for future access to your new myEventGenie.com account.

Will using the site cost me anything?

If you register as an Event Host during the limited period of the Beta launch, you will receive a FREE SUBCRIPTION for ONE YEAR. myEventGenie.com is a new site and it will be populating during this time.

It may take a little time for all the features to kick in and we ask for your patience.

We would also appreciate your help via the Beta feedback form and would welcome your comments and observations.

When this offer ends, all annual subscriptions will be £6 per year inclusive of VAT and at least £1 will be donated to our chosen charities.

Why will we charge a subscription?

Team MEG do the supplier checking to give you, our Event Hosts, peace of mind. myEventGenie.com is NOT a directory site where there are few or no checking procedures in place and anyone can join.

Your subscription is a small contribution towards the supplier checking procedures.

Who is myEventGenie.com?

myEventGenie.com and all its associated domain and sub Domain names is a web platform wholly owned by My Event Genie Limited and is a UK Registered company.

Please let us know any comments or suggestions for myEventGenie.com